Google To Retain Top Talents By Means Of Startup Incubator

Google To Retain Top Talents By Means Of Startup Incubator
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Google has lost some of its better talents to other competitors in the market and is keen on not repeating the same mistake in the future. To ensure that it gets to enjoy a substantial amount credit for all the inventions that geniuses come up with while basking under its financial umbrella, Google has planned to launch a startup incubator.


An article on The Information revealed that Google has proposed a project called “area 120”, where it would provide a platform and monetary support for entrepreneurs who are brimming with promising ideas for futuristic technologies. It would also give them the opportunity to branch out and start something of their own if they wish to do so. However, the chance to work full time within Google’s startup incubator is a conditional one and depends on what kind of business plans the entrepreneurs in question come up with and how they manage to execute them. Additionally, the individuals can detach their names from the company and try to make it solo only after spending a certain number of months working for Google, as per the contract dictates.

According to The Verge, this program is barely at its conception stage and there is a long way before the heads of development, Don Harrison and Bradley Horowitz, can announce any concrete details regarding this startup endeavor.

The incubator seems to be an attempt for the company to retain all of its exceptional talents and keep them from joining hands rival companies. The former head of Google’s Advanced Technologies and Projects team, Regina Dugan, who went on to develop a tech like Project Tango alongside Facebook, after leaving Google, was probably a wake-up call for the company.

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However, it still needs to be seen whether the incubator offers unrestricted freedom for inventors to transform their ideas into reality without Google imposing its will upon them.

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