Google Refugee Employee Announces Donation-matching Campaign

Google Refugee Employee Announces Donation-matching Campaign
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“My name is Rita Masoud and I am a refugee. I was born in war-torn Kabul, Afghanistan,” the Product Marketing Manager at wrote in a blog. Her personal piece serves as an invitation for everyone to donate for the benefit of refugees.


On Monday, Google announced it will match the first 5.5 million it received in donations from all over the world. It will continue matching the donations from people until it raises the goal of $11 million for relief efforts for refugees and migrants coming to Europe, the Middle East and Northern America.

To encourage more people to participate in the cause, Google had Masoud write a brief insight drawing from her own experience of how it is to be a refugee. “When I was seven, my family and I fled to Europe with our belongings in a single suitcase, hoping for a safer and better future,” Masoud wrote.

“Our journey involved many dark train and bus rides, as well as hunger, thirst, cold and fear. Fortunately, we received asylum in The Netherlands, where I grew up in a safe environment and was able to find my way in life,” Masoud shared.

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“Today, I work for Google in California. I was lucky. But as the refugee and migrant crisis has grown, many people like my family are desperate for help,” she said.

Last week, Google had announced a 1.1 million donation to organizations that are providing humanitarian relief to refugees and migrants from all across the globe. Google distributed the funds to Doctors Without Borders, International Rescue Committee, Save the Children and UN High Commissioner for refugees. To know more or to make donations, please click on this link:

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