Google Project Fi – Pricing And Facts!

Google Project Fi – Pricing And Facts!
Google Logo in Building43 Robert Scoble/Flickr CC BY 2.0

We have been giving you news about Google Project Fi; today let us get to know the pricing and facts of the project.



What is the project all about, what are its advantages and what are its disadvantages? We have spoken a lot about it. Now let us jump to the pricing – the essential part.

As stated on the website, the basic plan starts at $20. And what do you get for $20? Here is a list of features:

– Wi-Fi tethering

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– Unlimited international text messaging

– Unlimited domestic texting and calling

– Low cost international calls

This $20 plan does not cover data cost for which you will have to pay an extra $10 for 1GB of data, $20 for 2 GB data, $30 for 3GB data and so on.

Who are the partners?

Google has partnered with Sprint and T-Mobile to provide you the best available network in the area you are in.

Why is the service available only on Nexus 6?

Nexus 6 supports network of networks which allows Google Fi to work absolutely fine on the device. Nexus 6 can also work with the Project Fi SIM card which again allows the device to support multiple cellular networks needed for Project Fi.

Right now, Project Fi is allowing you to request the company to send you an invite to become a part of the project since the very beginning. On the right side of the project’s web page, you will find a Request Invite button, clicking on which you will be redirected to this page.

If you are ready to put your money into Nexus 6, Project Fi is an investment you can make without any second thoughts. So, what are you waiting for? Go request an invite today.