Google Project Fi: Everything You Need To Know About This Mobile Virtual Network Operator

Google Project Fi:  Everything You Need To Know About This Mobile Virtual Network Operator
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Google’s Project Fi has been in the news since the very day it was announced. Why? Because Google is known for delivering the best. So, when the search engine giant entered the mobile network market everyone hoped for the best.


And Google didn’t disappoint its fans. It launched a service that is convenient and cheap, both at the same time. It would not be wrong to say that Project Fi is offering ‘That Is Exactly What I Wanted’ service. By tying up with major mobile networks, T-Mobile and Sprint, Google offers you a stronger yet faster network which means Project Fi users are always connected.

Project Fi and criticism

Project Fi came to the market with a restriction on its availability. Earlier, the service was accessible only on Nexus 6, which costed around $600. The rumors were that the company is trying to boost the sale of its own device by not making it available to any other smartphone or tablet. Project Fi hence did not do as well as expected, but the service was still in demand and one of the most favorite topics of the tech world.

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The service is now getting flexible. Project Fi has been tested on Moto X Pure Edition and is said to be working flawlessly on the device. As 2016 approaches, the market is supposed to witness many more devices that would be compatible with Project Fi.

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Project Fi:  Work In Progress

Yes, Google’s Project Fi is ‘work in progress’. The service is still in its development stage and can undergo many more changes in months to come. Right now, Project Fi users get free international data roaming in over 120 countries. Even this may change with times to come. You never know, the list of countries might just increase. The international texting fees are also reduced while on Wi-Fi.

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Project Fi looks like a dream service that has turned into reality. But wait! As the service is very much new, the charges can be just a way to attract new customers. Don’t be surprised if you see major changes hitting the service including the charges in times to come.