Google Patents A Way To Easily Settle A Text Message Argument

Google Patents A Way To Easily Settle A Text Message Argument
Google search page close-up Anthony Ryan / Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0

How do we sort an argument these days? Google! We have all resorted to using Google to prove ourselves right in an argument. But, if news is to be believed, Google might have found a technique to settle arguments instantly.


In a patent awarded May 12, a new system has been outlined by Google that allows users to get search results without leaving a voice, instant message or text message conversation. As per the patent, a piece of software could be incorporated into a messaging program. This software would let users query Google’s search engine in the exact same way as conversing with a person.

An example has been provided by Google in which users would supposedly mention “FindEZ” in their query. The system would then provide the users with the answer and then respond within the text stream so that the answer is visible to both the parties.

The services currently available for voice search, including Apple’s Siri and Google’s own “OK Google,” cannot be used during a conversation or in a text message.

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There’s no certainty that this service will be added by Google to its products anytime soon.