Google Partners With Skrillex To Make Smart Phone Cases

Google Partners With Skrillex To Make Smart Phone Cases
The duckies invade Google Yahoo/Flickr CC BY 2.0
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Sonny Moore, producer and DJ famously known as Skrillex, has openly admitted his love for “fun” phone cases. He has been quoted as saying, “I really like the really crazy phone cases that are out right now. You see the girl’s case that looks like a Starbucks cup, or the Moschino Jeremy Scott french fries. I think that shit’s really fun.”


At the time when he proposed the idea of being the first partner in Google’s new Edition line of cases for Android phones, he had myriads of ideas in mind. But Google, thinking differently, asked him to create a limited number of phone cases that were just a little smarter.

Following which, the Accessories team was determined to build a phone case which makes use of NFC in order to identify itself to your phone. The case would know the design and time of the case you put on, and will then provide you with wallpapers and content to match with it.

According to Moore, they had created 20 designs. He stated that his favorite one was “like Windows 95—it was a super vaporware one.”

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Google and Moore’s team ended up selecting three designs created around the theme of space.

The phone cases look cool and busy and feel completely like Skrillex: intense, loud and a little adorable. Each of the cases has been individually numbered and has a print of Moore’s signature on the inside.

The case provides its owners with continuously changing wallpaper which is composed of pictures that have been captured by a satellite. Also, the case opens up a pipeline of photos, videos and more, from Skrillex. Buttons have been provided on the back of each one. Just one click, and the user can become part of an exclusive fan club.