Google Increases APK File Size Limit From 50MB To 100MB; Allows Developers To Build Richer Apps For Play Store

Google Increases APK File Size Limit From 50MB To 100MB; Allows Developers To Build Richer Apps For Play Store
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Can an increased APK file size mean better Candy Crush Saga and Facebook? Read on to more about Google boosting its app size to 100 MB.

Google Play Store has a large number of apps- from gaming to news, and users were very much happy with whatever the Play Store was delivering. It looks like developers were not. On its Android Developers blog, Google announced that the company has decided to boost the size of Android apps from 50MB to 100MB. Reason? Google wants to support developers who want to build richer games and apps for Play Store.


Having said that, Google has come up with a number of points for developers to keep in mind. Given below is the list of UI factors Google asked its developers to consider before building 100MB apps:

Mobile Data Connectivity: Heavy apps take time to download. Considering the fact that not all countries have internet with high speeds, Google has asked developers to build apps that would be easily accessible on any kind of network, irrespective of its speed.

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Mobile Data Caps: Another factor developers have been asked to consider is data usage. The company understands that mobile networks many a times put a restriction on data usage which keeps smartphone users away from downloading heavy apps as they eat a lot of their data. Whenever and wherever possible, Google developers will still try to limit the size of their apps,

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App Performance: The space on every mobile device is limited. The performance of smartphones depends on the size of the apps downloaded. So to build a smooth working game or app, the size recommended should not exceed 100MB.

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The heavier the app, the more time it takes to install. Users may just cancel the download in such cases. Even though the app size has increased by Google to better the apps available on the Play Store, it still wants developers to watch the size, and if possible, not build apps that meet the new limit.