Google Images Accused Of Photo Piracy, Turning Users Into Pirates By Getty Images

Google Images Accused Of Photo Piracy, Turning Users Into Pirates By Getty Images

Google Europe’s infamous anti-trust issue over Android is well-known. Even before a verdict on the case comes out, Getty Images, a stock photo agency in the US filed a complaint against the search engine with the European Union’s antitrust commission for photo piracy. Google and photo piracy? What’s the link? It’s all about Google Images.


Getty Images has accused Google of scraping images from a third party on its own platform and allowing users to download those pictures. By doing so, the stock photo agency blames the search engine giant of promoting piracy. With this accusation, Google Images have been targeted. Earlier when Google Images used to display only thumbnail size images but then later changed the view to full-size. Due to the availability of immediate consumption, visitors are not encouraged to visit the original website.

In a statement given to TIME, Getty Images claims that by making the images available for instant download, Google has “also promoted piracy, resulting in widespread copyright infringement, turning users into accidental pirates.” Yoko Miyashita, General Counsel, Getty Images says, “Getty Images represents over 200,000 photojournalists, content creators and artists around the world who rely on us to protect their ability to be compensated for their work. Google’s behavior is adversely affecting not only our contributors, but the lives and livelihoods of artists around the word, present and future.” He has also mentioned that Getty Images want Google “to go back to search functioning as search.”

Why did Getty Images keep mum for so long if Google Images has been affecting its business and the whole image industry so badly? The photo agency says that the complaint is a result of three years of fruitless discussions with Google. Even though the image industry is suffering losses, users would thank Google for sourcing best images for them and pulling them together on one platform.

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