Google Glass under threat of exploitation by Javascript

Google Glass under threat of exploitation by Javascript
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glass   1 Google Glass under threat of exploitation by JavascriptAndroid 4.1 suffered from a security threat that allows the dangerous codes, especially JavaScript codes to enter into the Apps that produced the Web view. This malicious action happens when the app open a web window for viewing ads, websites or other stuff. The Android users are not required to be reminded of such a popular thing though. However, Google Glass has same sort of security threat now.


Metasploit, a famous framework for vulnerability, added a new module for testing that was installed to examine the vulnerability of some versions of Android browsers against the remote shell access for other platforms. Such kind of exploit was also found in Glass. This kind of exploit may also involve man-in-the-middle intervention that would involve in web view that is quite easy to do if you are residing on the same Wi-Fi network or any other network that is not well secured from external interventions or control. Once the malicious code has entered into your web browser, it can do anything from your system, from taking snapshots to turning your microphone on secretly from remote location.

It would be harsh to declare Google as the culprit for not being able to catch the hijacking. The whole motive behind the program of Google Explorer is to keep the users busy in finding serious kinds of faults similar to this before Google Glass is introduced before the public. It is expected that this issue of malicious codes entering into the web browsers of Google Glass will be solved sufficient time before it officially comes into store shelves.

The problem of secretly monitoring the activities of users is not new anymore. There are multiple instances in which the hackers are trying to penetrate into your PCs. It is very difficult to find a safe and reliable method of using the internet. However, with the awareness of threats and malicious things on the internet, it has been observed that the security threats have been lessened a great deal now. The undesired codes added into the web browsers have made the platforms quiet vulnerable for safe using. Once these codes are installed, your all activities could be exposed through the internet to hackers. Your PC might be hijacked by some intruder before you may even know. Even after knowing, you cannot stop a large number of security threats.

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