Google Glass Rival? Specs Of The Lenovo ‘Magic View’ Here

Google Glass Rival? Specs Of The Lenovo ‘Magic View’ Here
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Will Google Glass finally have a rival in the invisible war on wearables? Lenovo seems to be game for it. Find out how.

Lenovo has come up with a new crazy smart watch concept Called “The Magic View”.  This, in layman’s point of view, is a combination of Google Glass and a smart watch. Find out more details here.


This Lenovo smart watch has two displays: a round LCD and a viewfinder. In order to look into the viewfinder, the second display, it is necessary to hold it up close to the eye. Lenovo’s Magic View is an Android-based watch. Viewfinder is built on the technology similar to that of Google Glass where the light is projected into the prism, which acts as the display surface, according to Ars Technica UK.

Google Glass had a thorough display, whereas Lenovo “Magic View” has the prism encased into the watch which makes it appear solid back. The display is impossible to see, unless it is held close to the eye because from other angles it would look just like the solar panel.

The device has a special feature that enables sending certain images or even movies to the viewfinder by simple swiping with two fingers. After sending it, it could be viewed in a larger size again by keeping the device close to eye.

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It is to be noted that this is just a concept and the company doesn’t seem to have any plans in bringing the idea to life, for now.

Meanwhile, Google is “quietly distributing a new version of the wearable eyepieces.” This new version has quite a few upgrades and with interesting new concepts and technologies. The new glasses are powered with a new Intel processor, a larger, thinner display prism, improved wireless connectivity, and vertical prism adjustment, according to Digital Journal.

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These glasses also have an external battery pack for prolonged use. Google Glass is designed in a way suitable for use in public as well as compact and comfortable for use.

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