Google Fi And Its Hidden Agendas

Google Fi And Its Hidden Agendas
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Google is brainstorming day in and day out these days. While very smartly the company plans to promote Nexus 6 to boost its sale, it is also looking forward to shut down the services that lag behind. Right now, it’s Google Voice that would be swept away. So, if you are a Google Voice user, that’s a bad news you will have to cope with.


As we mentioned in one of our previous articles that since the inception of Facebook, Google has been trying hard to accept that Facebook has killed Orkut. To take revenge, the company has been trying to establish Google Plus and wash out Facebook. After Google Plus, it’s Google Hangouts!

Why is Google Fi so cheap?

Again as mentioned earlier, Google Fi has many hidden agendas. Offering a service which is worth much more than what it is charged for, anyone would question – if we are ready to pay much more for this awesome service – why are you not charging more?

The plan is to make you invest in other products which is anyways going to cost you a lot. Google Fi is also a step taken towards capturing a big chunk of market. By not offering the service to iPhone users, Google is also looking forward to beat its competitors with just one good service – Google Fi.

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Promoting Google Hangouts

Not just Apple. This is one smart way to direct people towards Google Plus and make them familiar with the platform. Instead of putting efforts to build a social media platform which would provide almost everything to a user including making it easier for businesses to rank higher on the search results, the platform does not seem to be beating Facebook in any way.

Sacrificing Google Voice by transferring almost all features to Google Fi isn’t a big deal as a major chunk of mass is going to be diverted to Hangouts. Why? Because by switching to Google Fi, you will start making calls and sending texts via Google Hangouts, and not through Voice (if you were a Voice user).

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So, what is Google Fi here for?

On the surface, it is here to offer an excellent network service to customers. The agenda is to:

1. Boost the sale of Nexus 6

2. Drop down the sale of Apple iPhone, if possible

3. Be the only network provider in the market (though the company would only be renting the service)

4. Promote Google Hangouts

In short, offering Google Fi for as low as $20 is going to be the most profitable business for Google.


  • jkt1954

    As a consumer, I am loving my new Nexus 6 and Project Fi. I won’t be using much data so this plan makes sense and my calls are clear no matter who completes them, but so far, all I have used is WiFi. This is great! I just hope it lasts!