Google Expands Health Conditions Feature To Include Over 900 Illnesses

Google Expands Health Conditions Feature To Include Over 900 Illnesses
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Google has been offering quick health information about common illnesses – including symptoms and cures – since February. In a recent announcement, the company said that it will be expanding the list of these conditions and will incorporate several widespread medical conditions and tropical diseases. Google will also offer visual aids that will help users learn whether they have a particular disease.


The number of diseases in the health conditions feature list has been increased, now numbering more than 900. A quick results panel will feature when a user runs a search for any of these illnesses. The search will contain information on its symptoms and treatment, and which demographics they are commonly found in.

Google is also offering a Download PDF option, allowing users to download a printable copy of the information, according to Android Police.

“Health conditions continue to be among the most important things people ask Google about, and one of our most popular features,” Prem Ramaswami, Google product manager, said in a blog post. One in 20 Google searches are health and medical related.

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In an effort to tell its users that Google is working closely with doctors in order to validate the information displaying on the results page, the blog post also details the sources of the information.

While this feature is only available for Google U.S. users at present, the company is expected to release it soon in other languages.

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