Google Cloud Platform Scores Apple As Latest Customer

Google Cloud Platform Scores Apple As Latest Customer
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Google’s Cloud Platform has been attracting enough attention to entice other major tech companies to avail their services. New information says it has nabbed Apple as one of its latest customers.


According to sources familiar with the deal, the Cupertino company has started storing parts of its iCloud and services data with the search engine’s cloud platform. If this is true, it is enough to make Google happy, as it has been trying to expand its cloud computing service for some time, reports Re/code.

However, the deal might be for a short period of time, as there are also reports about Apple building its own system to make storing its data in-house. CRN reports that the iPhone manufacturer is cutting down reliance on Amazon Web Services or AWS, which is the leading cloud provider and where it currently stores its iCloud and service data.

To do so, they will use Google Cloud Platform. The Cupertino company is still staying with AWS; it just decreased data stored on AWS, the sources say. The deal is said to have been signed late last year and it is also when the company has started reducing their reliance with the cloud provider.

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Additionally, sources also say that Google officials have told their partners that Apple is spending about $400 million to $600 million on Google Cloud Platform. It is not clear though whether this amount refers to an annual spending rate or a fixed rate. Meanwhile AWS said that the move by the Cupertino company to the search engine firm does not signify “competitive defection.”

On an emailed statement to CRN, an AWS spokeswoman said that “it’s kind of a puzzler to us because vendors who understand doing business with enterprises respect [non-disclosure agreements] with their customers and don’t imply competitive defection where it doesn’t exist.” So far, no word yet is heard from Apple and Google regarding the issue.

Using a competitor’s service is not an uncommon tradition. In fact, it has been done for years, to the extent that it is already normal and part of the norm. It has been known that Apple is one of those who employ such tactics with it reportedly using AWS and Microsoft Azure for its cloud services since 2011.

Although this fact is not directly confirmed by both companies, it has been revealed in 2014 that part of its iOS files are stored in Amazon S3 and Microsoft Azure. Meanwhile, it has been reported by Venture Beat that Apple is working on what is called as “Project McQueen.”

This initiative is to make the Cupertino company become more independent and rely on its own data center infrastructure instead of relying on public cloud providers like AWS and Microsoft Azure. Accordingly, sources tell Venture Beat that the iPhone manufacturer is currently not happy with how AWS is not able to load photos and videos quickly into users’ iOS devices.

Also Apple has bought land in China and Hong Kong to build data centers needed for such a plan. Apple executives believe that having the company’s own cloud computing and storage needs provided for in-house will show great results within three years. This move makes the company take the same road Dropbox and Instagram has taken.

As of now, Project McQueen is said to be on the planning stage so it might take a while for it to really happen or it might not happen. After all, its nothing more than just a plan and nothing more concrete supports it for now until then consider it next to none existent.

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