Google Calendar Now On Android: Schedules Meetings in a Blink of an Eye

Google Calendar Now On Android: Schedules Meetings in a Blink of an Eye
Mobile Google Calendar (correct) Mitchell Laurren-Ring / Flickr cc
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Calendar applications have come and gone and none of them have lived up to their claims of making your life easier by scheduling meetings at a moment’s notice. Google promises to leave all calendar apps behind by launching its “find a time” Calendar, designed exclusively for Android users, that is both smart and plans your schedule like a dream.


According to The Next Web, Google Calendar for Android is no different from Google For Work, which has been in existence for years and works quite well on desktops. Just like its PC counterpart, Google Calendar on your Android mobile takes into account the time frames that would be convenient for all the parties who are involved in a meeting ranking those time frames accordingly.

In case there is an absence of a common time frame which could prove convenient for everyone, the Google Calendar has a cure for that too. It automatically analyses the meetings, which are conflicting with the present one, and also takes the initiative to reschedule them in order to accommodate the current one.

TechCrunch reports that the Google the Calendar app should work for people across all time zones alike. However, it can only be valuable in offices where the daily schedules of people shared with one another. It cannot schedule meetings with strangers or people from outside an organization.

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One of the biggest advantages that the Google Calendar for Android presents is the ability to schedule meetings on the move. This is something that can prove to be indispensable for businessmen who find it difficult to physically take the time out to prepare their schedules for the day.

However, since this app is exclusive for Android users alone, people using Apple devices won’t be able to download it for now, that is. Google does plan to launch a version of the Calendar app for iOS users too in the future, provide that the android calendar hit it off with the users.

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