Google Buys Image-Recognition App Jetpac

Google Buys Image-Recognition App Jetpac
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jetpac Google Buys Image Recognition App JetpacAre you one of the users of Jetpac, an app on iOS? You may soon bid goodbye to the program soon. That is if its new owner does not change the app’s strategy. Google, a known rival for Apple Inc, has recently acquired Jetpac for an undisclosed amount.


Logically, part of that acquisition transaction is the expected scuttling of the iOS app. Everyone is clueless at this time whether Google would integrate the image recognition technology into its very own services or whether the giant company would only absorb the talent, a strategy usually referred to as ‘acqui-hire’ in Silicon Valley.

Jetpac began in 2011. It secured a significant funding of $2.4 million in 2012 after taking the support from various investors that included Khosla Ventures, former Yahoo CEO Jerry Yang, and Morado Venture partners.

Simple but useful

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Jetpac as an iOS app is simple, but can be considered as a novel application. It can scan faces through Instagram pictures and match those people with corresponding locations where they are monitored to be frequenting. Thus, the app can determine which places various personalities frequent based on Instagram posts.

Moreover, Jetpac uses the results of its analysis of Instagram pictures for the creation of city guides. There are over 6,000 of those to date. Those guides include ‘top 10’ lists of possible activities to do in particular locations. Those mostly focus on the most popular sites to go to.

Jetpac makes searching for places to go easier as it is now possible to do it naturally as one visualizes it. Now, one has not to go through reading amenities lists or parsing text reviews. People can use it to get a sense of places and people quickly and more accurately.

Taking quizzes

And who could set aside the feature in Jetpac to take quizzes to determine if you can still recognize cities through Instagram pictures. That proves to be popular among many Jetpac app users to date. However, we may not expect Google to still take interest in that quiz feature.

But logically, the laser-like focus of Jetpac on facial recognition can be handy for Google’s own social enterprises, including the troubled Google+. Jetpac’s technology can also be used to boost its new owner’s local search as well as retail review activities.  


  • Aeio

    Are you to speak english muchly?

  • spongeblog

    so u scan someone’s instagram pic and find iut where they are. most people stupidly share their location on instagram anyways- stupid and unkowingly. this app is creepy stalkery and hopefully makes people more aware of the need to be vigilant on security

  • JCB

    Is Jasmin Harper new to tech? The entire 1 paragraph is 100% non-sense. Do some research and understand the industry and then research Google and all that Google does. You will see how foolish your statements are.

    • Kelderic

      Yeah an understanding of English, let alone comprehension of the tech field, is sorely missing here.

    • aplusjimages

      I was thinking the same thing. When has Google bought something and then said “Android only”? Never. They want users of all OS systems to be able to use their products. There’s a lot of fanboi filler in this story.

    • sproketz

      It’s because that’s what Apple would do. She just doesn’t understand a non-facist (non-Apple) company.

  • Glenn Richards

    I can see the need of this app. With online fraud rampant, detecting ones real identity is a valuable security tool. Protection from predators. i.e. I can spoof Skype or Google on my Internet browser, change ip address so says I’m from Pakistan, speak with foreign accents, betray your goodwill & con you out of money. I’ll wave my bible, talk about God, but really all along I’m a paid shill from New Jersey. Right Gov. Chris Christie! Right Gwen!!!