Google Brings Smartwatch Faces For Interactive One-Glance Experience

Google Brings Smartwatch Faces For Interactive One-Glance Experience
Picture from Google / Google Website

The concept of just checking time on a wearable watch has changed with the inception of the smartwatch. This time, Google has taken up the responsibility to make the watch face even more interactive and appealing.


Google has recently announced new options for watch faces that can be powered by Google-developed software and can enable users get information like weather, mails, meeting dates, and more.

Flavio Lerda, an Android Wear software engineer, wrote on the official Android blog, “With just a tap, your watch face can change its design, reveal more information, or even launch a specific app.”

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The changing design of the watch face

The front face or the main screen of the watch is going to remain simple, with the watch face on the center and other widgets surrounding it. Just a simple tap on Weather, for example, will let you know about, well, the weather.

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The same is applicable for meetings, mails and more. Changing the color of the face with a simple tap is easier than ever.

Staying together with Google watch faces

Google has made it a point to make people connected. If two people connect their watches, they can stay connected right from their watch faces. They can also share pictures, emojis and activities through the watch face.

Google has also asked developers to create faces to fit user’s requirement. The faces may be helpful for your health routine or they may allow you to stay up-to-date with meetings and activities.

The smartwatches have still not caught the market due to complicated design and non-interactive watch faces. Google has finally decided to heed the requests of users and bring interactive watch faces that suit all.

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