Google Brings ‘Fingerprint Authentication’ To Google Play To Support Android Marshmallow

Google Brings ‘Fingerprint Authentication’ To Google Play To Support Android Marshmallow
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As we reported yesterday, Google is looking forward to changing the way smartphones work with Android Marshmallow for which it has also released a document for smartphone manufacturers where the company has jotted down its requirements.


Before smartphone and tablet manufacturers start working on devices compatible with Android M’s features, Google has started making necessary changes to its own services. The search engine giant has added fingerprint authentication to Google Play, which means users will now be able to confirm purchases with their fingerprint.

That does not mean that every Android user will benefit from this latest addition. You need to have a smartphone with fingerprint sensor to make this updated Play Store work for you.

Right now, there are only two Android devices that come with fingerprint sensors. And these are none other than Google’s own latest Nexus devices, Nexus 6P and Nexus 5X. It looks like Nexus devices have been brought to the market to support only Google’s services. First, they are the only ones that support Project Fi and now same is the situation with fingerprint sensors. Anyways, more Android smartphones with fingerprint sensors are coming to the market in near future. But still, Nexus 6P and Nexus 5X are going to witness a real good sales figure this year as they are the only phones that support Project Fi as well as fingerprint authentication. Besides helping out to carry Google Pay transactions with utmost ease, the fingerprint sensor of Nexus devices also unlocks the phone at lightning speed.

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It is safe to say that Android Marshmallow is not introducing only a few unique changes but changing the entire smartphone system.

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