Google Bans Trademark Rights To 9to5Google After Five Years

Google Bans Trademark Rights To 9to5Google After Five Years
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9to5Google has been using the trademark name ‘Google’ for publishing tech-related stories in the last five years. Although the advertising firm did not have any issue with that so far, the company suddenly decided to put a stop to the tech site’s publication owing to violation of official Google trademark.


The call to put a ban on 9to5Google’s publication policies came in as Google decided to suspend the site’s AdSense network. Protests and complaints started flowing in as the publication site claimed that it earned a six-figure amount through Adsense per month. However, Google was not convinced with the claim and advised the website to seek advertisements from other parties, reports TechNewsToday.

It is disheartening for 9to5Google to find out that after five years of rigorous operation Google decided to annul advertisements for the site. When the publication site came to know about the violation issue, it contacted Google department to address the problem. But a representative of the Google’ ad department intimated the website that it breached trademark norms and so the decision is made.

“Even though you have been operating the site for many years and have even attended several Google hosted events without anyone bringing up an issue. We recognize that the situation is both shocking and frustrating and we’ve advocated on your behalf as much as we can. Since they will not grant us an appeal, we want to provide you with information for how you may legally use our trademark and if conditions are reasonable for you to submit a request,” added the representative. Although 9to5Google has the option to appeal the decision, it realizes that it might have to change its name eventually, reports The Verge.

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In the business world, it is a common thing to use someone else’s trademark name for your business product or in your domain name. But this unleashes a number of legal issues that you might counter over the years of your operations. The real purpose why Google intends to terminate 9to5Google’s access to the company’s name is to stop people from thinking that ‘Google’ is a generic name and can be used by any business, notes NDTV.

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