Google Apps Now Enable File Sharing to Recipients who don’t own Google Accounts

Google Apps Now Enable File Sharing to Recipients who don’t own Google Accounts

Google Apps Enable File Sharing to Recipients Google Apps Now Enable File Sharing to Recipients who dont own Google AccountsIn case you were not informed, Google Inc has tweaked how sharing works for Google Docs, Slides, and Drawings. The big difference is that recipients of files to be shared would no longer need to sign up or sign in to a Google account just to obtain access to those files.


This would be good news to Google Apps users who aim to share files beyond their own domain. That is because if the recipient of the shared files does not own an email address on Gmail or does not own any Google account, he could still be able to look at the document shared even without taking tedious and additional processes.

Sharing and accessing files

However, the files to be shared and accessed on this mode would have to be restricted to ‘read-only’ activities. If there is a need to edit the files or put comments to those, the recipient would need to sign in with his Google account. In case, he does not own an account yet, he needs to sign up for one.

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Thus, signing in and signing up has just been made an option for opening a file shared by Google Apps user. However, the file to be shared should also be conveyed through a link, which would facilitate direct sharing. It would still be a fast and secure mode of sharing files.

Creation of a Google account

Anyone may view a shared file as long as the original user has shared a link to the file to him. However, there would be a limit to the access of the file if the recipient creates a Google Account and intends to expend the invitation.

When a recipient of the shared file creates a Google Account, it is possible for two things to happen. First, the shared link would cease working for new users. The sharing dialog box would indicate that the previous invitation has been used up. Second, the user who accessed the shared file would be added to a sharing access list for that particular file so that he would continue access.

For Google Apps admin users, there is an option to set adjustments on the Admin console. They could disable sharing of files outside the domain or could even opt to share files to people who don’t own a Google Account.