Google: Allow Brands & Organizations Share Posts On Search Results

Google: Allow Brands & Organizations Share Posts On Search Results
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What started as a new format for the 2016 US Presidential elections on Google, has now taken a new shape on the search engine result pages. The advertising company will soon allow brands, organizations and celebrities to publish posts into a News Feed format on Google.


Right now, the advertising company is experimenting with the new format that will allow celebrities and brands to adopt a dedicated Twitter-like feed integrated into the company’s search engine. Google took a similar attempt last month by encouraging voters and campaigners to view updates on the election, and post their views and protests on Google’s new platform,, reports Indian Express.

Google has not yet named the new format, but accepts it as an instrumental tool in allowing customers to engage directly with celebrities, businesses and brands through the search results. The new format will make the topics appear in a more card-like mode, which is regarded as more mobile friendly. It was first experienced by search expert, Mike Blumenthal, who stumbled upon an advertisement for a local seller of jewelry shop in New York.

When Mike clicked on one of the posts by the local seller, he was directed to a dedicated full-screen webpage with photos and texts. The post was curated into a Twitter feed-like stream of ads. Ina  way, the new platform helps anyone share individual posts as found on search result pages. However, it should be noted that you cannot like or comment on the posts.

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As of now, created for the US presidential campaign 2016 aims at promoting the US election. Later, when the election gets over, Google plans to make the platform available to several prominent organizations and people. The initiative is recognized as the advertising company’s sheer motive to create more dynamic and new search results that could help in advertising products and establishing social presence, reports The Verge.

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