Good News Story: Pokemon GO Community Plays With Boy Bullied For Autism

Good News Story: Pokemon GO Community Plays With Boy Bullied For Autism
Tempe Beach Park Boat Dock – South SideDru Bloomfield CC BY 2.0

An autistic teen who was bullied at Tempe Beach Park last weekend while playing Pokemon Go with his mother received heartwarming treatment from strangers.


The attack on Ty, suffering from autism, was shared by his sister, Hope Marie Whitaker, on the Arizona Pokemon Go Community Facebook page.

In the post, Whitaker wrote that Ty was playing Pokemon Go with his mother Angie Swartout when two college students squirted barbeque sauce on her brother. Speaking with ABC 15, Swartout said, “And I just stood there, and then I heard them laugh and say ‘Yeah, we got the r-word’.”

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Swartout told the experience to Whitaker, who further shared the story on social media.

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“If you see something like this happen, please don’t stand idly by. Even if you can’t do anything about the people that did it, help the family,” Whitaker wrote in the post. “My poor mother had to wash her and my brother off with a bottle of water. She was humiliated. And for what? She had no reason to be humiliated, but those two ASU students certainly need to be embarrassed by their behavior today.”

Several people expressed sympathy for the boy. As reported by the Huffington Post, a few people invited Ty and his mother to Tempe Beach Park to play Pokemon Go with them. A few people also brought gifts for the boy.

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Swartout said the reaction she and Ty received was heartwarming.

“I’m so grateful. I’m just so grateful because if this wouldn’t have happened, we would still be hiding in our house like a lot of families like ours do,” Swartout said. “And I just can’t thank everyone enough.”

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