Good News Story: Pianist To Find New Home For Husband With Alzheimer’s After Santa Clarita Fire

Good News Story: Pianist To Find New Home For Husband With Alzheimer’s After Santa Clarita Fire
House fire Ada Be / Flickr CC BY 2.0

The Sand Fire destroyed almost every belonging of a woman, but she has kept her spirits up by turning to her faith.


Jan and Loren Sanborn, who were residents of Little Tujunga Canyon Road in Santa Clarita for 18 years, were told their home was destroyed by the blaze. “Someone sent me the pictures and I knew,” Jan said.

As reported by the Santa Clarita Valley Signal, Jan is a pianist and composer. She worked at the California State University Northridge until her recent retirement.

“When I was 3 I started taking piano lessons,” Jan said. “When I was 6 I started playing for church, so I have played for church now 72 years.”

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Her husband has been suffering from Alzheimer’s, and Jan has spent the last four years taking care of him.

“My goal was to care for him in a place that he knew, and as long as he knew his surroundings we would be there,” Jan said, as reported by ABC7.

The only things Sanborns could take with them when they escaped their home at night were a few important documents. Nearly every possession of the couple, including the music Jan wrote, was destroyed in the fire.

“We didn’t have clothes, except what we had on our back,” she said.

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Since the fire, their friends have helped them immensely. The couple did not have insurance, and so their friends have created a GoFundMe page for them.

“She is such a special person on the planet,” David Sannerud, Jan’s friend, said. “They lost their home and they didn’t have insurance.”

“She cares about students so much and it’s so evident from the love and support from all the students that are directed toward her right now when she needs help,” Sannerud added.

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