Good News Story: Meet Ken Nwadike, An Advocate Of Free Hugs

Good News Story: Meet Ken Nwadike, An Advocate Of Free Hugs
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His name is Ken E. Nwadike, Jr. He is a black American who doesn’t want violence in the streets. He doesn’t want to go after police officers, either. Instead, he just wants to give hugs.


Nwadike has one motto: “A friendly embrace will put a smile on your face.”

That’s why he came up with a Free Hugs sign and started walking around the streets with a camera and tripod to start giving people free hugs. When he failed to qualify at the next race following the bombing at the Boston Marathon, Nwadike decided to show up at the event anyway. He wasn’t going to run, but he decided to motivate runners by giving them free hugs along the route.

The free hugs movement has, so far, touched many people, including a number of police officers Nwadike came up to while roaming the streets. In a video, Nwadike comes up to a group of officers, telling them, “Beyond the uniform, you guys are people. You guys have families. You guys have kids.”

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After getting hugs, one officer says, “We need more of this right here.”

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Nwadike promoted peace during the candlelight vigil for the fallen Dallas Police officers. While he was there, he told the officers at the event, “I want to pay my respects.” At the same time, Nwadike spread free hugs during the memorial service for the fallen Dallas police officers.

Aside from that, the Free Hugs project has been present during a Donald Trump rally, Hillary Clinton rally, Star Wars Day event, Straight Outta Compton event, and Keep The Promise Concert with the Roots.

Today, you can also spread free hugs in your area. The Free Hugs Project isselling shirts and caps for people of all ages, including infants and toddlers.

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