Good News Story: Black Woman Prays With White Police In Baton Rouge

Good News Story: Black Woman Prays With White Police In Baton Rouge
Kim Muyaka Facebook

A black woman took the time to pray with an East Baton Rouge sheriff’s deputy during a traffic stop, after five policemen were killed last week.


Kim Muyaka’s actions spoke loudly as her photo with the officer went viral. The 23-year-old woman from Louisiana said that she felt God. This made her to take the bold step in the midst of such violent times, said the Independent Journal Review.

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Several Americans have shown support for law enforcement after five police officers lost their lives during an attack in Dallas last week. However, in cities like Baton Rouge and Minneapolis, there had been aggressive protests and demonstrations against cops. This is because two black men were killed at the hands of police during the same week.

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“I had been praying about the situations going on in America, based on what happened in Baton Rouge and Minneapolis and Dallas, all over the place,” Kim said.

“Then God dropped in my heart that I need to reach out to someone else to pray with, someone outside my race. I wondered, ‘What if I don’t find someone to do that with?”

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She went on to say that she was at Benny’s Car Wash putting air in the hind tires. There she saw the deputy making sure everything was going smooth and was in order.

“…and I knew — THIS was the opportunity.” Kim said.

According to her official Facebook page, Kim believes that God is not the creator of confusion. She also said that violence is not the answer. She said that she cannot agree that cops are bad. She believes that most of the cops are “good people.” She stated that whenever a black man kills another black man, it never catches the public eye.

However, a white cop attacking or killing a black man is always breaking news, said Kim.

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