Golden State Warriors On Track To Finish 79-3

Golden State Warriors On Track To Finish 79-3
2013 Golden State Warriors Michael Tipton / Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0

Golden State Warriors (29-1) enter the new year poised to shatter NBA record books. They are well on their way to breaking the all-time regular season record of 72-10 held by the 1995-1996 Chicago Bulls.


Warriors are also on track to join Michael Jordan’s Bulls (1995-1996 and 1996-1997 editions) as the only teams in NBA history to register back-to-back seasons of 65-plus victories. To pull that off, Stephen Curry and his Warriors need a rather pedestrian (by their standards) record of 36-16 over their final 52 games.  

Here’s a comparison between the 1995-1996 Bulls and 2015-16 Warriors (At this stage of the season):

Golden State Warriors after 30 games: 29-1.

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Chicago Bulls after 30 games: 27-3.

At this pace, Warriors are projected to finish 79-3 with a winning percentage of 96.3.

Warriors’ 31st game: at Dallas Mavericks on Wednesday.

Bulls’ 31st game: Defeated Milwaukee Bucks 113-84 for their fifth consecutive victory.

If you analyze the Golden State Warriors schedule, they aren’t facing an elite team until their Christmas Day rematch against Cleveland Cavaliers on January 18. If they coast through until then, their record could be 41-1. If we’ve learned anything about these Warriors, it’s safe not to bet against them.

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Most pundits reckon the Warriors’ biggest test comes against the San Antonio Spurs on January 25. They will face the Spurs three more times on March 19, April 7 and April 10. Say if the Warriors can overcome the Spurs hurdle, there’s no telling what their final record could read.

Earlier this month, Charles Barkley reckoned Jordan’s Bulls would crush Curry’s Golden State Warriors. “That Bulls team would kill this little team. Come on, man. Who is going to guard Scottie Pippen and Michael Jordan? What about Dennis Rodman?”

Barkley felt Warriors’ small ball strategy wouldn’t work against those mighty Bulls. “First of all they would love playing the way the Warriors play. It’s a much easier game now. Could you imagine how many points Michael would average if you couldn’t touch him? Dennis would get so many rebounds against that team. They are a very small team.”

You know what they say about hypothetical match-ups. There’s no point analyzing. The only fact remains that Golden State Warriors are poised to etch their legacy in history books.