Golden State Warriors Hot Favorites To Sign Kevin Durant In Free Agency

Golden State Warriors Hot Favorites To Sign Kevin Durant In Free Agency
Durant GAMEFACE-PHOTOS / Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0

Rumors can become reality. Chances of Kevin Durant signing for the Golden State Warriors in free agency is becoming more realistic. If Durant decides to leave Oklahoma City Thunder, he will land in Golden State, according to sources.


Durant is expected to explore free agency unless his team OKC wins the title. The 27-year-old Durant wants to be a title contender, and that keeps chances of bringing him back to Golden State alive, should he decide to leave Thunder, as reported by the Yahoo Sports.

The Warriors may need to sacrifice Draymond Green to acquire Durant. Green himself wants Kevin to land at Golden State. Green could become a tenacious recruiter of Durant, according to Real GM. Durant though hasn’t made any decisions on his future yet, but he is determined to win the title for Oklahoma City Thunder. It won’t be easy for the Warriors to create enough cap space for the OKC All-star. They will have to initiate several moves to make it.

“We’re all about winning,” Draymond Green told The Vertical. “One thing guys on this team don’t care about is who is getting the shots, or who is scoring. Guys definitely want to play here, play with us. We’re smiling. We’re having fun. You can tell that. I definitely think it’s become one of those places where guys will want to play.”

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There is more. Durant is always on a quest of having spiritual people in his life. And prodigious Stephen Curry could lure him with his presence at the Warriors.

“We obviously have a very appealing and attractive team and organization,” Golden State owner Joe Lacob told The Vertical regarding Durant’s possibilities of becoming a Warrior this summer.

“… We have a team – and a team concept, We’re proud of that. Proud of the way the coaching staff coaches that way, the players play that way. And our leader, Steph, epitomizes that. I do think that they all just want to win. That’s our mantra for the whole organization. I think anybody could feel comfortable coming onto this team.”