Gmail Runs Test That Makes Promotions Tab Look Like Pinterest

Gmail Runs Test That Makes Promotions Tab Look Like Pinterest
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What's This?

gmail Gmail Runs Test That Makes Promotions Tab Look Like PinterestSomething exciting is again coming to Gmail. But it may take some more time before that is officially rolled out in the free Webmail service of Google. But for now, any Gmail account user could opt to take part in the new field trial for the new feature of the Promotions tab.


Interestingly, this endeavor would eventually make the Promotions tab more visually exciting. That is because it could possibly take a Pinterest-like makeover. That means the tab would display grid images from various marketing emails when the Promotions tab is selected or opened. Those grid images would replace the standard list of messages. This feature may be exclusive to the Promotions tab, though.

In a recent blog post, Google’s Product Manager Aaron Rothman announced this new and interesting development for the promotional mail. He said the tab would soon feature numerous images from posters to photographs of almost any item that is commercially available.

He said that currently, those images are buried inside the messages in that section. When the new feature is officially rolled out, the usual subject lines that appear when the Promotions tab is opened would be replaced by the grid images. This, he added, would make it easier for Gmail users to pick deals and offers that are most interesting to them.

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Ever-improving Gmail

This indicates the continuous effort of Gmail to improve its services. Last year, the Webmail’s service got a significant makeover when it introduced and rolled out the tabs, which are now located at the top of the message list. The goal was obviously to help users segregate and prioritize incoming messages.

Now, Gmail has started its experiment to make sure the Pinterest-like Promotional tab feature would be really helpful once it is officially rolled out. Because it is a new field trial, not all Gmail users could experience it, yet. But you could opt to be part of this little test.

Sign up for the test 

Do you want to participate and be one of the selected Gmail users that would be among the first ones to enjoy the new Promotional tab? Simply go to Google’s online site or sign up in this Web address:

You should be aware that the trial is only intended for English users, especially those assigned with addresses. Moreover, he experiment may not be activated for everyone because of limited capacity. But if your email is selected after you have signed up for the test, you would soon see the new look of the Promotions tab.


  • NOYB

    I know I already cancelled my Gmail account! Don’t appreciate BLATANT intrusive spying….bastards! As a matter of fact, there will be NOTHING GOOGLE in my entire house!!!!!