Glee Star Mark Salling Out On $20K Bail For Child Pornography Charges

Glee Star Mark Salling Out On $20K Bail For Child Pornography Charges
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Glee star Mark Salling is out on a $20,000 bail after getting arrested for possessing child pornography. He moved out of the Los Angeles Downtown jail 2.30 p.m. on Tuesday. His date on court is January 22.


Salling was arrested by Crimes Against Children Task Force after a search on his computer found evidences of child pornography. The organization has found in his Sunland, California home computer more than a thousand images showing child sexual exploitation.

Anyone who possesses more than 600 images of such can be jailed for five years. The star reportedly refused to let the police enter his house in the first place. When the police forced its way in and seized his devices, he refused to tell them the passwords.

Salling, 33, had one more incident where he had to pay a settlement cost of $2.7 million. Roxanne Gorzela claimed that Salling forced her to have unprotected sex with him. When she confronted him a few days later, he pushed her, injuring her knees. The case was withdrawn midway and he paid her a hefty sum.

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Salling was originally from a strict Christian family. He rose to fame due to the FOX series “Glee.” He first appeared in the series in 2008 and became regular till the fifth season. After that, he became a frequent guest in the show. His latest girlfriend was 19-year-old Denyse Toyt. It is not sure if she is still dating Glee star Mark Salling.