‘Glee’ secrets: Naya Rivera Tried To Break Up Lea Michele And Cory Monteith?

‘Glee’ secrets: Naya Rivera Tried To Break Up Lea Michele And Cory Monteith?
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Even though ‘Glee’ has ended long ago, the cat fight still continues and Naya Rivera is finally ready to spill the beans about the feud between her and Lea Michele.


Naya Rivera has just released her new memoir “Sorry Not Sorry: Dreams, Mistakes and Growing Up”, and she has not held back any juicy details about her time spent on the sets of “Glee”, especially how she detested her co-star, Lea Michele.

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The less than cordial relationship that Rivera and Michele were able to flawlessly portray onscreen was a result of their intolerance towards each other off screen and according to Rivera’s memoir, Lea’s diva-like persona was to blame for it all.

She revealed how everything had to be just right for Michele and she would throw a fit at the tiniest drawbacks such as the time when the air conditioner broke during the first season rehearsals.

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Rivera went out full attack on her rival calling her a snob for not wanting to party with the rest of the cast members, as they all got together at the home of Kevin McHale and Jenna Ushkowitz, which they affectionately called the “Love Nest”, reports Radar Online.

And when they did manage to get Michele to attend one of their parties, “Lea does not go out,” said Rivera. “She wanted to let her hair down, so she drank two hot toddies while she was there. The rest of us were slamming champagne and vodka, and Lea’s in the kitchen making tea.”

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Rivera went for the kill when she mentioned in her memoir that Cory Monteith, Glee co-star and Lea Michele’s boyfriend till he passed away back in 2013, had once received a lap dance from her and Heather Morris during one of the parties at the “Love Nest,” reports US Weekly!

Not only that, he had also shown his willingness to take her out on a date and shared a kiss with her during the parties!

Wonder what Lea Michele has to say about that!

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  • Gina

    You obviously have reading comprehension problems. She did not not call Lea a snob. She agreed with Lea about the air conditioner and she did not give Cory a lap dance during the time he was dating Lea. Naya did not even say that she and Cory went on a date.