Glass Allegedly Found In Huggies Baby Wipes, Maker Denies It

Glass Allegedly Found In Huggies Baby Wipes, Maker Denies It
Picture from Huggies Wipes/Huggies Website
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Concerns are being raised by parents regarding the possibility that Huggies baby wipes may have some pieces of glass in them following a video posted by a mom on Facebook last Thursday. It appears that mom Melissa Estrella had a pack of Huggies baby wipes that had shards of glass in them. Since she’s posted the video, it has gotten more than 7.3 million views.


Parents react to the video

Comments to the video include parents who said that their own packs of Huggies wipes has the same thing. Some even concluded that it may be the reason as to why their kids have always been feeling itchy as well as why they seem to have a lot of scratch marks. One of the viewers even noted that the said shards are from fiber glass.

Huggies says there are no shards in their wipes

Huggies, however, says they are absolutely not shards. Moreover, the brand also took to their Facebook to assure everyone that there has never been any glass or fiber glass shards in their baby wipes. To be clear, Huggies says there is actually no glass used when making the Huggies wipes and while the shard like appearance is not normal, Huggies admits that “it does happen infrequently during the manufacturing process.”

In the Huggies FAQ page, the brand has confirmed that there will be no recall of their baby wipes as they strongly believe that their product “poses no health risk to babies.” Rather, the particles that look like shards are nothing but an effect that sometimes happens when fibers are blended together.

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Parents remain concerned

Nonetheless, Huggies’ reassurance of the safety of their baby wipes did not stop a lot of parents from replying to their Facebook post. One mother has claimed that she saw cuts on her son’s bottom after using the Huggies baby wipes, and that she managed to find large shards that she was able to pick out from the wipes.

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Meanwhile, another mother said that her newborn’s rash problems stopped the moment she switched to another brand. There have been over 3,000 comments to Huggies’ post so far.

Parents with concerns regarding the Huggies Wipes are invited to call Huggies or send the brand an email.