‘The Girl On The Train’ First Trailer Released, Emily Blunt Perfect For Dark And Twisted Role?

‘The Girl On The Train’ First Trailer Released, Emily Blunt Perfect For Dark And Twisted Role?
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Universal finally released the first trailer for the much- awaited thriller film, “The Girl On The Train” on Wednesday. The trailer showed how perfect Emily Blunt is for her role in the film.


“The Girl On The Train” was a film adaptation of the best- selling novel written by Paula Hawkins. The novel sold more than 3 million copies in the United States. Emily Blunt starred in the thrilling and a mysterious film wrapped in a story of broken relationships and damaged people, reported Vox.

The trailer was dark — not literally but the viewers could certainly sense something depressing. Even its daylight shots were shivery and dim, just perfect for its psychological thriller theme. The trailer was set on Kanye West‘s “Heartless.” It was a story about a woman involved in a mysterious murder which involved her ex- husband and her neighbor.

Blunt’s character Rachel, was an alcoholic who began to spy on couples, Megan and Scott. They live in her old home in London. Her ex- husband, Tom (Justin Theroux) and his new wife and child still lived in that house. The unexpected series of events began when Megan went missing and Rachel was so consumed in finding out what happened to her.

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While promoting his new movie, “High Rise,” Luke Evans who played the role of Scott in “The Girl On The Train” thought the trailer was perfect according to a report by Entertainment Tonight. “It really got my heart racing. I know what goes on and a lot of people who read the book will know the story, but it really gets you quite excited. There’s some fantastic performances from a really great ensemble of actors.”

Likened to the 2014’s “Gone Girl,” both were about a story of a missing woman and had a sad and yet thrilling feeling to it. Both were originally a novel before adapted as a movie.

A part of the trailer showed Blunt cried, “I’m afraid of myself,” which would make the viewers think there was more to her character than just a woman who saw another woman disappear. In social media, fans were already praising the actress’s performance in the thriller film.

Blunt’s co- stars in the upcoming film were Lisa Kudrow, Rebecca Ferguson, Allison Janney, and Haley Bennett. “The Girl On The Train” would hit theaters on October 7.

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