Girl With Autism Locked Inside Dog Cage! Photos Of 5 People Arrested For This Cruelty

Girl With Autism Locked Inside Dog Cage! Photos Of 5 People Arrested For This Cruelty

At least five individuals are now under police custody after they caged a 22-year-old woman with autism and was left to defecate in a plastic bucket against her will in Tangipahoa, Parish.


Deputies at the Tangipahoa Parish Police Department identified the suspect as Raylaine Knope, 40; Bridget Lambert, 19; Taylor Knope, 18; Jody Lambert, 21; and Terry Knope, 43. Apart from the woman with autism, authorities also rescued four other juveniles from the house last June 30, the ABC News reported.

Dog Cage

The woman, according to the police, was forced to live in the makeshift cage similar to that of a dog’s cage where she used to sleep every night to prevent her from wandering around. The report added that the woman looked severely malnourished when she was rescued by the police authorities.

Meanwhile, a report from the WDSU News revealed that the woman could have been staying in the cage for about a year. It’s also possible that the woman has been locked up and was to be sold as prostitute.

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Owner Unaware?

Rocky Stewart, owner of the property where the caged woman was rescued told the WDSU News that he has no idea that a girl with autism was there. He said he hadn’t seen the girl for about a year the occupants were staying in the place.

“It blows my mind because in a year’s time, I never saw the girl, never. If I’d have known something, I’d have stepped in myself and talked to them or found out what was going on, but I had no idea and they never struck me as that type of people,” Stewart was quoted as saying by the WDSU News.

The police responded to a tip from a concerned citizen after they saw a malnourished woman roaming around the backyard filled with mosquito bites.

Here are the people arrested for caging the girl with autism:

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