Giorgia Rinaldo: Watch As Little Girl Pulled Out From Italy Earthquake Rubble Alive

Giorgia Rinaldo: Watch As Little Girl Pulled Out From Italy Earthquake Rubble Alive
Pescara views from the hills south Freegiampi / Wikimedia Commons cc

A dramatic moment took place in Italy where a girl named Giorgia Rinaldo was pulled out alive from the debris after an “apocalyptic” earthquake in Italy.


The earthquake killed at least 250 people; the death toll is expected to increase. Witnesses and civilians are calling it “Dante’s Inferno.”

However, amidst fear and the horrific experiences during the Italy earthquake, hope has been delivered to families after their loved ones were found alive. In fact, four-year-old girl Giorgia Rinaldo was rescued. She was buried under the rubble for seventeen hours in the devastated town of Pescara del Tronto, according to the Mirror.

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As the dramatic incident was caught on camera, one the rescuers says, “You can hear something under here. Quiet, quiet.”

“Come on, Giulia, come on, Giulia. … Watch your head,” screams another rescuer into the darkness of the debris.

The crowd burst into cheers as the child was being pulled out of the rubble. Although she was covered in dust and appeared shocked, surprisingly, she was not injured. After the rescue of the little girl, a short moment of joy emanated in the midst of the horror after the devastating earthquake in the Apennine region of Italy.

After Rinaldo was pulled out, her sister, two other girls, and their grandmother were also taken out of the rubble. Unfortunately, they were not alive.

According to The Local, 2,500 people are left homeless by the Italy earthquake. They are making arrangements to sleep in makeshift camps and reception centers across the affected area. With the expectation to find survivors, rescuers and volunteers are prepping to conduct searches throughout the night.

Along with this act of strength, hope was resurrected yet again after a 58-year-old man was found alive in Amatrice. He was rescued after being trapped inside the debris of his home for 12 hours.

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