‘Gintama’ Live Action Movie: Shun Oguri Finishes Shoot, Cast Members Joke On Twitter

‘Gintama’ Live Action Movie: Shun Oguri Finishes Shoot, Cast Members Joke On Twitter
Gintama Net Sama / Flickr
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Yūichi Fukuda, director of the live-action Gintama movie, tweeted on Tuesday that Shun Oguri has already finished shooting his scenes. Oguri portrays the main character Gintoki, the samurai with the “naturally wavy hair.”


According to Fukuda’s tweet, Oguri shot his scenes for two months.

Adding to the excitement, Gintama’s artist Hideaki Sorachi paid a visit. Sorachi also gave Shun Oguri a nice present: a well-made sketch of the actor as Gintoki, accompanied by a funny yet heartfelt dedication.

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The dedication, as translated by Anime News Network, says, “Thank you for running Yorozuya for the past two months. You have become Gintoki Sakata, one of my precious sources of income, so please give me 800 billion yen (or Yu Yamada).”

Yu Yamada, it should be known, is Shun Oguri’s wife.

Actor Masaki Suda, who portrays Shinpachi Shimura in the film, tweeted a candid picture of director Fukuda playing video games in front of food.

Gintama the manga is set in a parallel-universe where the alien species Amanto have invaded Earth. In Japan, though, samurai Gintoki and the rest of his wacky gang find themselves going from one misadventure to another.

The live-action adaptation of Gintama is set to be released in Japan in 2017.

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