Gina Gershon repents having turned down ‘Purple Rain’ offer over nude scene

Gina Gershon repents having turned down ‘Purple Rain’ offer over nude scene
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Gina Gershon reminisced one of her magical moments with Prince, the legendary star who died at age of 57 recently and suddenly. She was at the premiere for “A Bigger Splash” hosted by the Cinema Society at the MoMA when she shared the interesting tidbit.


When she spoke to Vulture a couple of days ago, Gina shared that she was given the chance to work with Prince but turned it dow. She said she regretted having had lost the chance to be in “Purple Rain” with Prince just because she did not want to go nude in her first scene.

A former colleague, Gina did her musicals with had informed her about Prince wanting to meet her. Soon, she was with him in Minneapolis, in Prince’s purple limousine while they talked about ‘Purple Rain.” Prince played the music in the car when it started to rain, Gina recalled. It was a magical moment, Gina said.

Prince would call her ‘Geena’ with a stress on G. The moments were intently precious. But then she got real nervous over the nude scene. Of course, she is ready to kick herself now for that wrong decision. Prince was nice and a bit too shy, she remembered but he did not like Gina’s turning down the offer. Gina now lamented now of her stupidity but she wanted to be a serious actress at that time, she said.

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So Gina Gershon’s first film could have been with Prince, had she did not hesitate. Still, she obviously cherishes the marvelous time she had once spent with the pop star. “It was a long time ago. We went dancing. He watched me dance. And then we played music at the piano for awhile and we laughed and then he handed me the script” reported Page Six. The role was eventually played by Prince protégé Apollonia Kotero — Gina Gershon recalled wistfully after Prince’s shocking death on Thursday last.

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