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Giant Footprint In China: Facts To Know

Giant Footprint In China: Facts To Know
Dinosaur footprint Greg Willis from Denver, CO, usa / Wikimedia Commons cc

Facts To Know

Giant Footprint In China: Facts To Know

A group of photographers came across a giant footprint near the village of Pingyan, China, as they were exploring the region.

The giant footprint was discovered fossilized in rocks. It is believed to date back to prehistoric times.It is 57 centimeters long, 20 centimeters wide and 3 centimeters deep.

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According to Ancient-Code, the notion that giants walked the Earth has been imagined by writers and suggested by researchers and archaeologists around the globe. Although “giants” were apparently seen as mythical creatures and folklore, multiple discoveries projected towards a different “truth.” It has been alleged that new evidence was found in Asia, suggesting there is more to it than just mythical stories.

A man named Michael Tellinger also uploaded a YouTube video of another massive footprint found in South Africa in 2012. He was convinced it was one of the best pieces of evidence proving the idea that giants roamed the earth.

For the locals, the massive footprint is known as the “Footprint of God.” According to Tellinger, the 1.2-meter footprint is sensational. He believes it dates back around 200 million years.

While there was a giant foot print found in Bolivia, it was reported by CNN that the print is the largest from a carnivorous dinosaur.

Before the Bolivian footprint, the biggest track from a meat-eating dinosaur was evaluated at 110 centimeters and was uncovered in New Mexico.

Indeed, Snopes said that the story behind the massive footprint found in China is not yet proven. According to the publication, conspiracy theory websites are dubious in terms of facts.

It also reported that Michael Tellinger, who was claimed to be an archaeologist, is a conspiracy theorist. It also said that the Chinese footprint was found inside a granite rock, which is not a stone that would lend itself to capture prints.

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