‘Ghostbusters’ Trailer Schedule Revealed, Clip Upsets Fans

‘Ghostbusters’ Trailer Schedule Revealed, Clip Upsets Fans
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The official “Ghostbusters” teaser was revealed with the date the franchise determined the world would end. It marks the date for the official release of the movie’s first trailer. Despite the takeaway, fans of the franchise negatively reacted to the said tone of the clip.


The first “Ghostbusters” teaser trailer was released on Valentine’s Day. Although the season calls for romantic notions, the 28-second clip shows that the upcoming movie may be darker than usual, according to Hollywood Reporter.

In other news, Cinema Blend reports that fans of the franchise were not happy with what the teaser revealed. It shows that the streets of New York would be haunted by a dark villain – a tone in the franchise not common with other installments. Unfortunately, fans were expecting to see a brighter sneak peek, one that shows how jolly the franchise usually is.

However, judging by how short the clip was, it may not be the only reference fans could use to judge the flow of the movie. After all, the cast consists of the entertainment industry’s leading comedians as main characters of the film.

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Furthermore, the clip also failed to feature the lead characters in the “Ghostbusters” reboot. The girls Melissa McCarthy, Leslie Jones, Kristen Wiig, and Kate McKinnon were nowhere to be seen, and even the villain was not hinted on as well. Based on previous versions of “Ghostbusters,” the villain may be the character Stay Puft Marshmallow.

The trailer ends with, “Who you gonna call,” the famous line from all the franchise’s installments.

Catch the “Ghostbusters” reboot official trailer this coming March 3, 2016. With the ladies taking the lead, the film will hit theaters this July 15, 2016. Will the movie be hilarious despite the darker tone the teaser showcased?