Get To Know These Not-So-Famous Features Of iOS 9 That Will Make Your Life Easy

Get To Know These Not-So-Famous Features Of iOS 9 That Will Make Your Life Easy

Split view, battery settings, and Apple News are the most spoken-about features of iOS 9. They deserve to be under the spotlight but that does not mean that iOS 9 is all about them. There is a list of features that the media or even Apple itself wasn’t able to focus on.


Today, we bring to you a list of a few important features of iOS 9 that are not known to many yet can change your life for the better.

Making the iPhone your music buddy

Just like when our friends know what we like and dislike, the music app makes sure that it remembers all your music habits. Depending on the music you listen to on your device at different times of the day, iOS 9 will help your phone suggest the music app you use daily whenever you plug in the headphones. Still don’t get it? Here’s how it works.

Suppose you listen to music every morning while going to school, then as soon as you tap the music icon on the screen, a quick link to your chosen app will be added.

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Headphone-friendly iPhone

Whenever you plug-in your headphone, iOS 9 will assume that you are in the mood for some music and will suggest you the music app you frequently use.

Universal search for settings

iPhone users will not have to keep scrolling through the list of settings to find out what they are exactly looking for in the ‘Settings’ section. With a search bar, users can just type what they need and get it instantly, may it be wallpapers or battery details.

Easy of navigation with ‘Back’ button

If you are directed to another web page while using a particular app, you will not be lost. At the top of your screen, to the left corner, you will find a ‘Back’ button which will redirect you to the app you were using before being taken to another app or wepbage.

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Wi-Fi Assist

iOS 9 has not just made Siri smarter, it is also offering iPhone users a smart internet-friendly feature. Wi-Fi Assist allows the iPhone to switch between mobile data and Wi-Fi. The choice is made considering the speed and the strength of network available. Rest assured, iPhone users will no more face interruptions due to weak network or slow net speed.

As you spend more time exploring iOS 9, you will find out that there are more features on your device tailored to match your needs. Start exploring now!