You Can Get Pokemon Go In Canada, Asia, But Might NOT Want To

You Can Get Pokemon Go In Canada, Asia, But Might NOT Want To
Pokemon PROLydia / Flickr CC
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Following the launch of Pokemon Go in Australia, New Zealand and the US, several fans in Asia and other countries apart from the lucky United States, New Zealand, and Australia, have been clamoring as well to finally have a feel of the augmented reality game.


The latest update hinted that it may come soon since servers in Asia, especially those in the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong, are now ready.

Outages have been reported, unfortunately.

According to Manila Shaker, as of 1 P.M. on Monday, the Pokemon Go servers in the Philippines and Taiwan are reportedly down, while no update has ever been received yet about the server in Japan.

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Apart from this problem, the apps have not rolled out yet.

The easy way to get Pokemon Go at this time therefore is to install the APK installer for Android, and changing the region for the iOS users. But we don’t recommend that.

This is called “sideloading” the app onto a mobile device. That means downloading and installing the game from an third party site and naturally, unofficial one, such as file-sharing networks like BitTorrent. According to Quartz, it is not really piracy, since Pokemon Go is free to play.

But piracy is not the issue.

Gamers have been warned about the possibility of downloading a malicious Pokemon GO app from a third party site that will reportedly infect their device, Motherboard reported.

Security firm ProofPoint claimed that it uncovered  a version of Pokemon Go containing malware known as DroidJack, which can do so many scary things to your phone. Examples of these scary things include:

  • Accessing all  your messages on your device
  • Listening to all your voice calls
  • Listening live or recording audio from your device’s microphone
  • Using your device’s camera

Proofprint suggested that any applications must only be downloaded from the legitimate app stores “to avoid compromising your device and the networks it accesses.”

Keep posted for more Pokemon Go news especially those updates about the availability of servers, or when they are down.

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