George R.R. Martin ‘Winds of Winter’ Update: All Beloved Characters Will Die?

George R.R. Martin ‘Winds of Winter’ Update: All Beloved Characters Will Die?
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George R.R. Martin has been sitting out on “Game of Thrones” and has been spending much of his time working on his sixth book ‘The Winds of Winter’. But despite his busy schedule, he found time for an interview in which he shares his beginnings as a writer and revealed his plans for the future of “A Song of Ice and Fire.”


According to Uproxx, Martin talked about his childhood as an aspiring writer. The young author sold monster stories to other kids to and using his earnings later to buy Milky Way candy bars.

He further into the interview he talks about how he broke into professional writing and talked about his bestselling novels “A Song of Ice and Fire.” Currently working on ‘The Winds of Winter,” George R.R. Martin explains how he uses the concept of death in his writing.

With war being the central theme of “Game of Thrones,” he as a writer has an obligation to tell the truth about that reality. Death can affect anybody and the hero doesn’t always emerge unscathed, sometimes he gets wounded, loses an arm or a leg, and sometimes even dies.

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It doesn’t mean that if the story revolves you or your friend it automatically makes you untouchable. Death is arbitrary, it’s always there and that is why sometimes the hero dies, at least as far as his works are concerned.

The best-selling author also took a shot at how HBO’s TV adaptation of his works is disregarding the concept of death. With characters escaping death, both figuratively and literally, the harsh reality of war doesn’t seem to apply to the heroes.

This doesn’t mean that all your beloved characters from ‘The Winds of Winter” or “Game of Thrones” will be killed. George R.R. Martin only wants to remind both viewers and readers that death is coming for us all and that Valar Morghulis – all men must die – is a universal truth in his works.

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