George R.R. Martin Defensive When Asked About ‘Winds Of Winter’ Progress

George R.R. Martin Defensive When Asked About ‘Winds Of Winter’ Progress
George R. R. Martin Gage Skidmore / Flickr CC
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With Game of Thrones Season 6 almost upon us, fans of George R.R. Martin are asking about the progress of his sixth book, The Winds of Winter. The author’s words of comfort for those waiting for his next book: I have pages.


According to Deadspin, Martin confirmed by email that he has indeed pages for the book. In fact, he already has pages since five years ago, the time A Dance With Dragons was published. He did not say if these pages are new or leftovers from previous works.

Despite him reading chapters of Winds of Winter at conventions, rumors have spread that the reason Martin is taking so long to publish his sixth book is simply because he has no pages.

George R.R. Martin also published a LiveJournal blog post last January that confirms the book is in progress, and all that is not clear is its release date. In the lengthy post, he admits that he missed several deadlines to finish The Winds of Winter and that it will not be finished before Game of Thrones Season 6 premieres. He also apologizes to the waiting “boys and girls” and said that the book will be done when it is done.

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With Game of Thrones using up the material from all Song of Ice and Fire books, many have concerns that the series will spoil the book. Martin already stated that the hit TV series and the books are on completely different grounds at this point. His words are definitely on point due to the fact that the series has already killed many characters that were pivotal in the books.

With the huge success of A Song of Ice and Fire, George R.R. Martin obviously doesn’t need to publish The Winds of Winter to make a living. But abandoning the story is certainly out of the author’s mind, and surely deep inside, he wants to give a closing to the story.

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