George Clooney Bashes Donald Trump, Praises Hillary Clinton As ‘Only Grown Up’ Candidate

George Clooney Bashes Donald Trump, Praises Hillary Clinton As ‘Only Grown Up’ Candidate
Men Who Stare at Goats premiere – September 11, 2009 @ Roy Thompson Hall. Courtney/Wikimedia Commons CC BY 2.0

George Clooney sent out an email to supporters of U.S. presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton on Monday. The email was meant to bash Donald Trump, even though he did not identify him by name.


The American actor, producer and director wrote to Clinton’s supporters. In the letter, Clooney wrote that because of words coming from a certain politician, everyone is likely to think that the majority of Americans are racist. Even though he did not name that “certain politician,” those who read the letter are unlikely to think of anyone else other than Trump.

“If you listen to the loudest voices out there today, you’d think we’re a nation that hates Mexicans, hates Muslims, and thinks that committing war crimes is the best way to make America great again,” he wrote in the letter that was first reported by CNN. “The truth is that, the only thing that would prevent U.S.A. from being great would be to empower these voices,” the letter further reads.

Clooney on the other hand is all praises for Clinton. He called the Democratic Presidential candidate “a voice of tolerance and experience … who’s spent a lifetime fighting for the rights of the less fortunate. A politician who knows firsthand the complexity of our international relationships.” He also wrote that Clinton is “the only grown-up in the room,” which makes her the best candidate. “If ever there was a time for a grown-up, that time is now,” Clooney wrote.

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Page Six also reports that included in the the email is a ticket offered by the “Ocean’s Eleven” actor for supporters to attend a fundraiser at his home in Los Angeles. The said event is to be held on April 16. It will be hosted by Jeffrey Katzenberg (DreamWorks Animation CEO) and his wife along with director Steven Spielberg and wife Kate Capshaw.

Tickets for the event cost $33,400 per person. The proceeds will go directly to the Hillary Victory Fund – a collaboration between the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee.

Just by signing up, the supporters of the former United States Secretary of State can join the contest for a free ticket and one for a guest. Clooney and his wife are only requesting for a $10 donation for those who will attend. As what the actor previously said, he’d do whatever Hillary wants and he’ll help whatever way he can.

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  • Loyd Marlow

    It’s a good thing no one gives a crap what George Clooney thinks about politics. It’s no wonder he doesn’t know that Bernie Sanders is the peoples choice and voters are as tired of Hillary’s lies as they are of Trump’s ignorant grand standing. Come on George wake up and smell the current events!

    • KheSanh0372

      Sanders is “the people’s choice?” Speak for yourself. We live in VT., and Sanders is a flat a$$ joke.

      • JonCress56

        I am sorry to hear that from you. Bernie Sanders is the single most respected US Senator in America today. I wonder..what is it about Bernie that makes you feel he is a Flat A$$ Joke? I would truly like to know. I see that you are a republican. So Why would any Democrat care what you think? I witdraw my question. I read enough of your comments to know that you are just trolling. And that’s Ok.. Go ahead and have fun.

        • KheSanh0372

          As is usual with you folks your aSSumption about me being a Republican is totally inaccurate. I am a CONSTITUTIONALIST. Bernie The Burn Out’s accomplishments add up to the amazing number of TWO. He was able to re-name two post offices. He has done absolutely NOTHING. You name one…come on I will wait.
          Democrats only care about the voices in their own heads. It keeps you guys company.

          • Loyd Marlow

            Troll alert…who is paying you to antagonize and act childish?

          • KheSanh0372

            Your wife, mother and daughters because they are sick to death of having such a limp dick, weak a$$ for a son, husband and father.

          • Loyd Marlow

            oh yeah, your mother would be proud of this conversation.

          • KheSanh0372

            OOOOOOO….that was good. Your mother has a very good time here.

          • Loyd Marlow

            All your courage comes from the security that you are hiding behind your key board. You immediately resort to childish rants when your ignorance is revealed. Unable to have a meaningful debate. You throw in everyones face that you are a Vet….guess what….allot of the people out there trying to make you smarter are vets too…and we are not impressed with your no class, uninformed, childish temper tantrums. Go get a life .

      • Loyd Marlow

        The majority of your state and the nation….the world for that matter, disagrees with you.

        • KheSanh0372

          And you got this intel from where? From whom? Other brain dead libs such as yourself/ Burned Out Bernie is a fraud. This half wit can’t even spell ISIS much less give a reasoned explanation on how to defeat them. Oh…this just in: Your intel comes from George The Clown Clueless…thought so…Bernie Sanders SUCKS..

          • Loyd Marlow

            Let’s try this again after you finish school. These spaces are for adult conversation.

          • KheSanh0372

            When will you and ugly finish. Ugly? The ugly one standing behind your fat face.

          • Loyd Marlow

            Apparently there is no monitoring for adult participation or to screen out children. Please if you don’t have the ability to think, don’t type.

          • KheSanh0372

            OK.OK. I am a loser troll brain dead nonthinking whatever else. But you still are an ugly, lemming with a fat, sagging wife. You on the other hand, and I can tell this by your look at me ugly picture, a guy that pays other guys to – – – – your mother.

          • Loyd Marlow

            HaHaHaHaHa….well at least you have a sense of humor…you must be really bored today. If you knew me at all you would know that “Lemming” doesn’t fit. Loyal to few, Governed by none. Try developing some realistic arguments to forward your viewpoint….if you have one. I’ll look forward to your future correspondence.

          • KheSanh0372

            No little man you are just a gutless, whiny, sniveling little liberal with no accomplishments, no talent and no future. Oh–and a Burned Out Bernie lover…that alone explains who you are.

          • Loyd Marlow

            lay off the medication dude…give your mind a chance to think before you type

          • KheSanh0372

            You really don’t care for counter battery fire do you? That figures as you libs only talk…not much on action. Just look at the Little Prince. You know who he is..Obeyme…the mutt from Kenya…the guy that threatens and then runs away…that mutt.

          • Loyd Marlow

            Personal insults are what the uneducated cowardly and proven wrong parties frequently resort too. Please get some help….your mental issues are obvious even to the untrained observer.

          • Loyd Marlow

            Two combat vets should be able to talk or debate..willing to do so at any time…if you are really a vet.

          • KheSanh0372

            Would you care to exchange DD-214’s? Um you are a vet? Chairborne Ranger in Minot North Dakota? Slick you couldn’t carry my jungle boots. Weak ass little liberal boy.

          • Loyd Marlow

            ok so you’re a vet…sorry to hear about the brain damage, I’ve tried to be hospitable, but you are an idiot.

          • KheSanh0372

            Do you have any clue as to how boring you are? Thought not. You are correct I do have brain damage…Blast Trauma Injury. Fighting wars for liberals everywhere.

          • Loyd Marlow

            @@@@@ reviewed the posting history on this loser…nothing but a troll with no agenda or working brain cells….too bad there is no monitoring to delete useless comentors.

          • Loyd Marlow

            there ya go again………….making your mommy proud….you think that looking at my facebook page and insulting my daughter who helped her disabled vet dad set up his page is manly and brave I suppose…fact is you are a very sad loser and need to get help soon…Please seek help

  • UncommonSense

    Who gives a hot $hit what george clooney has to say..

    This is like when 9/11 happened, MTV put Ja-Rule on to tell us his opinion… who Cares what they have to say about real world situations

    • Plato-puss

      Chalk this up to the power of social media. When combined with movie stars, reality TV phonies and athletes’ insatiable hunger for attention you get Twitter storms of unsolicited and usually inflammatory, worthless rhetoric. I would be remiss however not to also state that most professional commentators and politicians exhibit the same cluelessness about most major events. Why is it that the people with the most worthy opinions are usually silent? That’s a rhetorical question – I know why.

    • グッチ 都玲

      Haha, he should heed his own advice and not listen to the loudest voice (his own). Sounds like he is only worried about his money and not paying higher taxes to make this nation better under Mr. Sanders.

  • Mike Prestigiacomo

    George gets paid to pretend he is someone he is not. Not sure he is the one I want advice from. Actors do not live in the real world

    • Ellen Rittgers

      Well, so does Hillary. No wonder he approves of her. She pretends to be an honest, caring humanitarian.

  • KheSanh0372

    How would George Clooney know what a grownup is? He voted for Obama didn’t he? Case closed. Go away George you annoying short little twit.

    • Independent1776

      Voted for Obama “twice”…. shows he has no common sense….

      • KheSanh0372

        You are being too polite. Clooney is a no talent California idiot.

  • twopartysystem1

    Bill’s Doormat for President!!

    • Harvey_Bumfelder

      EXACTLY! Any woman who is willing to put up with her husband’s philandering the way Hillary does doesn’t have the integrity to serve in any public office. And…pretending for a living doesn’t make Clooney an expert on anything. He should go back to La La land and be quiet.

    • gapeterson

      Which doormat??? he has quite a collection….

  • eyemall

    33,400 dollars a ticket to hear this moron gush about how Hillary is the only candidate not because she is a “grown up” ( if she was that she would admit her wrong doings, pick which ever one) but because like most people say she is a woman.

    • eyemall

      She is a woman isn’t she?

      • gapeterson

        I seriously doubt Hillary is a woman, she is some sort of evil mutation that kinda sort of “identifies” as a female, nobody alive except for Silly Willy really knows for sure, and it’s been so long since he has been there, even he believes Hillary, has morphed into some unidentified beast….

  • Steve Valliere

    If i were making the amount of money Clooney has I might support Hillary.
    If Mr. Clooney had a little more imagination to place himself in the position of most of us, where life is a game of survival on a paycheck to paycheck basis, he might support Bernie.

  • SteveS

    He’s a fabulously wealthy entertainer! Who really cares what he thinks? What kind of idiot would take political advice from George Clooney?

    • Plato-puss

      His millions of brainwashed fans. And therein lies the problem. Not enough people in the US think for themselves; their opinions are formed by the twitter posts of their ‘heroes’.

  • Hows_That_Change_Working_ForYa

    Hollywood type people are ignorant self absorbed Lunatic Liberals. Their opinion is worth nothing to the average American.

  • Rachel4564

    Oh George….shut up already, no one cares what you have to say.

    • Jim Cricket

      Oh Rachel….. shut up already, no one cares what you have to say.

      • mike

        You suck. You and Loony Clooney can go drown yourselves.

        • Jim Cricket

          Aw, gee whiz Mike.

  • gapeterson

    GEE!!! color me shocked that another celebrity, overpaid with an over- inflated sense of self worth and no concept of reality supports that evil piece of garbage….I AM SHOCKED…

  • lamarlamar

    George, please stick with acting! Playing other people’s lives is what you do!

  • RihslaysMe

    I’m standing by Hillary regardless of what anyone else says. Fuck Drumpf!

    • John Klett

      You know Bill gave us NAFTA (there went the jobs), and he repealed Glass Steigel (put in place after the great depression, separated investment banks and commercial banks) and he gave us the Commodities Future Modernization Act (that allowed banks to take your deposits and invest them in derivatives) and these 3 things caused the Crash of 2007. Now your assignment; Name 3 things Hillary has actually done?

      • John

        You dumb nut. George BS was to blame for that. Moronic republicans voted Bush in 2000 just like they are with Trump now. I believe republicans have lower intelligent levels; just look at all the candidates, I mean is that best they can do? Out of 100 million? My college son looks more mature and make better sense than those brats.
        Grow up, you republican Trump lovers!

  • Keith Sparbanie

    It’s nice to know George Clooney thinks a criminal is a “grown up.”

  • I don’t ask my pharmacist or my plumber who they think I should vote for, so why would I care who an actor in movies I watch thinks is the best candidate? It’s enough for me that Clooney is a fine actor; I don’t condition my willingness to watch his movies on his political views.

    On the other hand, I do find this PARTICULAR case a little disappointing. Clooney’s always been somewhat political in an anti-McCarthyist way in his movie-making, e.g. “Good Night and Good Luck” and so forth. So I would have expected him not to support a candidate who thinks she’s above the law and who openly supports imprisoning political opponents who expose her crimes, e.g. Chelsea Manning and Edward Snowden.

  • jack_k1

    You’ve got a rather agregious typo in your headline.

  • James Curinka

    Let the IDIOTS in Hollywood speak their usual crap. Gorgeous George has his head up Hillary’s big ass. Has anyone seen just how fat that sow is. Can’t hide in those insane outfits. What experience does Clinton have? The reset button with Russia went really well. Libya was a great feather in her cap. This kind of experience gets people killed. Oh yea Benghazi.

    • KheSanh0372

      Let us not forgot the time she came under sniper fire and dashed across the tarmac. Can anybody put a pleasant picture in their head about seeing this oinker run? Good God it would be hilarious.

  • AlreadyInUse

    I need to replace the starter motor in my old car but am awaiting directions from George so I can proceed.

    • Patul

      You’ll need to sit back, relax, and wait for him to get in character, first.

  • bob

    George has an over inflated sense of his entertainment value.


  • John Klett

    I am waiting for Clinton supporters to name three things she has done. Go ahead, ask one them to name three things Hillary has actually done. They can’t. Then ask them if they have heard of NAFTA, Glass Steigel or the Commodities Futures Modernization Act? Then ask them if they know what caused the Crash of 2007? Those are the three things the Clintons have done and those three things caused the Crash of 2007.

  • Guy

    why do the richest always support Obama and Hillary?

  • Vladamir

    Yeah, this coming from a guy who supported Obama…twice.

  • Guy

    let us know what the guy making $60,000 a year with 2 kids thinks….because that is a LOT more important…than knowing Clooney can hide millions in a fraudulent tax code protecting millionaires

  • Guy

    any opinion on Hillary breaking laws and exposing secrets? Or arranging destroy Syria and Libya…driving millions to flee for their lives?

  • Commentator

    How many war crimes has shillary committed!?!

  • Andrew

    In 2008, Hillary Clinton lied about landing in Bosnia under sniper fire. She lied. Is this the woman YOU want representing YOU? She lied to the American people. Sound familiar? You lie to me, you lose my respect. YOU should feel the same.

  • Capt. Obvious Jr.

    Too bad George Clooney wasn’t the ambassador to Libya on September 11, 2012.

  • CircusJockey

    Is it possible oral sex in the White House actually – is – everything it is cracked up to be?

    Well, that depends what your definition of ‘is’ is.

  • Independent1776

    ….. she lies. #AnyOneButHillary

  • CircusJockey

  • mrmitch23

    I was going to comment about the irony of Clooney-the perpetual child-giving an opinion about being grownup. However, most comments already covered it.

  • Daniel

    George Clooney has a political opinion? How very nice. Now all anyone has to do is explain to me what it is about George Clooney that makes his political opinions worthy of consideration.
    He is an actor, an entertainer…nothing more. Except maybe a pretty face.

  • 1911vc

    George Clooney is a complete idiot..he should donate all his bleeding heart liberal money to isis or black lives matter and shut his trap!

  • Bob White

    I used to like George but he has consistently proved he has no common sense by his choice of candidates.

  • Markov Chain

    hitlary is grown up? sure,she knows how to steal, lie and not get caught. i guess that’s how george defines grown ups..

  • Guy Montag

    Yay. A “grown up” who knows how to lie, take money from corporations while acting like she cares about people when all she cares about is herself and how much money she makes. That’s a real accomplishment. Yay Hillary!?

    I’m actually surprised that he likes her, she’s not even a good actor. I guess it’s because she’s a slightly better actor than the other candidates?

  • Groenendahl

    oh george, thank you for informing, and guiding me. If by “grown up” you mean a foul criminal opportunist, white trash, proven liar and…..oh damn, I can’t even go on…Im exhausted with it all.

  • Daniel Polar

    Well if u speak out against Hillary, you might be part of the large Clinton body bag count. You know how many people have been killed by those people ???????

  • Robert M

    Hollywood is in bed with the Democrats which is no surprise and no one cares what Clooney thinks anyway

  • mike

    Cloony is a loony and a LOSER. Celebs are not the “go to” experts on anything other than signing their name to a contract for 1000 times what they are worth. Hey Georgie Boy, you cannot even run your own life, so go suck it and stay out of politics, ya drug soaked POS!

  • mike

    Advice from an overpaid celeb that makes millions pretending to be someone they are not. Hmmmm sounds just like Hillary!
    The Hildebeast cannot win, but she can go to federal prison…….

  • 3dmike

    Clooney you are a moron. Stick to making your crappy movies loser.

  • Loyd Marlow

    Hillary should have a clue by now….The people have said no! She will not win any fair election in this country. Will she be President?….that is yet to be seen.