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General Hospital Spoilers for July 25-29: Nurse Amy Makes a Revelation, Joe wants Sabrina Back

General Hospital Spoilers for July 25-29: Nurse Amy Makes a Revelation, Joe wants Sabrina Back
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General Hospital Spoilers for July 25-29: Nurse Amy Makes a Revelation, Joe wants Sabrina Back

General Hospital spoilers for July 25 to 29 teased that there will be new revelations and romantic rivalry in the coming week. Here’s what we know so far.

Nurse Amy Driscoll will make a shocking revelation at the General Hospital, as the serial killer takes some time off his killing spree. In the meantime, Joe Rivera’s return to Port Charles doesn’t go down well with Michael Quartermaine, who initially thought Carlos escaped death once again after seeing him at the Q mansion.

The serial killer at the General Hospital is prepping for the next kill after murdering Dr. Mayes. A couple of weeks ago Nurse Amy said she was carrying pepper spray to protect herself in case anything goes wrong. Her shocking revelation next week could be anything related to the serial killer. She could even come upon someone trying to get on a victim.

The next victim need not be a named character, but the killer will have lots of patients to prey on. Julian Jerome could be a possible choice of victim for the killer next, as he is not only handcuffed to bed and helpless but also at the same time physically weakened by the drugs he took to fake a cardiac arrest, the Celebrity Dirty Laundry reported.

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Naomi Dreyfus is at the General Hospital and is doubtful that leaving Hayden Barnes anyone would be bothered if anything bad happens to her. It remains to be seen whether or not Amy runs into the killer and manages to save a life this week. Her nosy and loud nature may come handy in this case.

Meanwhile, Joe’s return to Port Charles may indicate he wants Sabrina and her son Teddy to become his immediate family, teases General Hospital spoilers. And this is not a good news for Michael. Joe’s arrival in Port Charles is likely to spark off a romantic rivalry over Sabrina, who once dated Joe before she took up with Carlos. Joe also looks similar to Carlos but is without the shady gangster baggage.

Though Sabrina loves Michael but that may not be forever, given it was just a short while ago that he dumped her over Teddy baby lie, the Celebrity Dirty Laundry. Teddy has been admitted to the General Hospital with acute illness, and if Joe being a pediatric surgeon is able to cure him, Sabrina’s would immediately be grateful to him. Also, Joe is a better substitute to Carlos as Teddy’s father.

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