General Hospital Spoilers: Nathan’s Father, Ava Discovers Evidences Against Nikolas & More

General Hospital Spoilers: Nathan’s Father, Ava Discovers Evidences Against Nikolas & More
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General Hospital spoilers revealed the July 11-15 week will be a week of revelations. Here are some of the events to expect in the upcoming episodes.


The truth about Nathan’s real father will be uncovered and Ava will make a significant discovery about Nikolas. Jason and Sam will also succeed in their plan and is hopeful that justice will finally be served.

Valentine Cassadine, who now goes by the name Theo, has arrived on the Cassadine Island and his presence is going to affect the lives of Port Charles residents. Recent GH spoilers teased that some of those whose lives will be affected by Valentin would be a surprising twist for GH fans.

Valentine, the son of Mikkos Cassadine and stepson of evil matriarch Helena Cassadine, is unaware that he might have a grown up son in Port Charles. According to sources, that son could very well be Nathan West.

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Dr. Liesl Obrecht shot and killed Victor Cassadine, with who she was having an on and off relationship, to protect the identity of her son’s real father. In 2014, she convinced Victor that Nathan was his son but revealed the truth moments before shooting him dead. She told him that Nathan’s real father was the evilest man ever lived and that even Helena was afraid of him.

The Celebrity Dirty Laundry reported that Liesl was probably raped by Valentin and bore his child. She then started fearing for her and her son’s safety. She gave up the child to her sister Madeline Reeves and requested her never to reveal the identity of his real mother.

Elsewhere, Ava discovers something that belonged to Helena, which is possibly a piece of evidence that links to Nikolas’ past crimes. Ava wonders if Nikolas is more dangerous than he seems to be and what could be his agenda. Ava decides to confront Nikolas about the finding, as she thinks she already knows what he could be up to, the Celebrity Dirty Laundry revealed.

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