Gene Wilder’s Adopted Daughter Katharine Wilder: Where Is She, Does She Still Hate Him?

Gene Wilder’s Adopted Daughter Katharine Wilder: Where Is She, Does She Still Hate Him?
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Gene Wilder’s demise this month has left fans wondering whether his adopted daughter Katharine Wilder has already forgiven her father after his divorce from mother Mary Joan Schutz.


There have not been any reports if Katharine Wilder has visited her adoptive father Gene Wilder in his wake, following his passing due to Alzheimer’s disease.

Gene Wilder, who has been battling with Alzheimer’s disease for the past three years, has adopted Katharine Wilder when he married her mother Mary Joan Schutz in 1967.

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However, Heavy said that Gene Wilder broke Katharine’s heart when he and her mother divorce after several years of marriage.

The report added that Gene Wilder’s daughter thought Gene had an affair with his “Young Frankenstein” co-star Madeline Kahn.

According to a 2002 interview with Gene Wilder at Larry King Live, the actor said he lost his daughter when she was 22.

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He said, “That’s too sad a story to go into.” Adding to this, he said his daughter has already cut ties from him and she will probably never forgive her father.

In another interview, Gene Wilder has admitted that he wrote his book “Kiss Me Like a Stranger” for his daughter, but he doubts if she will ever read it.

After his divorce with Mary Mercier in 1965 and Mary Joan Schutz, Gene Wilder married three times. He married Gilda Radner in 1984, Karen Webb Boyer in 1991.

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Today, people identifies his nephew Jordan Walker-Pearlman as his only child, even identifying himself as “Gene’s kid.”

Gene Wilder was best known for his iconic portrayal of Willie Wonka from the children’s movie “Willia Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.” His family confirmed his death after succumbing to Alzheimer’s disease which they kept from the public for years.

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