Gender Of Nick Carter’s Baby Revealed On ‘Dancing With The Stars’

Gender Of Nick Carter’s Baby Revealed On ‘Dancing With The Stars’

It’s a week of revelations on “Dancing with the Stars.” Nick Carter from Backstreet Boys has finally revealed the gender of his baby with wife Lauren Kitt Carter.


The couple is expecting their first baby next year as Lauren is 16 weeks pregnant. They got married in 2014 but have lost one pregnancy. They had a tough time conceiving and now that the 16 weeks are over, they have revealed the news. In a post-performance interview, Nick revealed that he is going to be the father of a boy.

Carter and dance partner Sharna Burgess gave an emotional contemporary dance performance and dedicated it to Lauren. In the interview after the performance, they were given a silver box which contained a blue balloon, revealing that the baby will be a boy.

The couple got to know the gender of the baby for the first time on the show. The screen flashed, “It’s a Backstreet Boy!” Nick mentioned that they had tough time, and at times, they thought it would never happen. But it’s real now, and the celebration continues with a perfect score for the dance performance.

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Bindi Irwin had a revelation, too. Bindi’s feet are not in good condition. In a video, it was seen that Irwin’s toenails are falling off. She used superglue to put them back in place.

Bindi’s boyfriend was the one who helped her in this tough situation. FOX411 reported Bindi saying, “He was the only one before tonight who had ever really seen my feet, except for my mom, and the poor dear, he was having to help me Super Glue them and bandage them,” adding, “It was extreme dedication. Lucky he’s into wakeboarding! He has injuries, too.”

Bindi is having a bad time with her toenails as she has to glue them up and dance the best she can. We hope everything becomes fine for the lovely lady with a supercharged personality on “Dancing with the Stars.”