Gear VR Headset: Here’s How To Set It Up With Galaxy S7, S7 Edge

Gear VR Headset: Here’s How To Set It Up With Galaxy S7, S7 Edge
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As you know, Samsung has given away free Gear VR headset to everyone who has pre-ordered the company’s latest flagship phones, Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge. The virtual reality headset is very much yours now, but do you know how to set it up and jump into an exciting virtual world? No? Then read on to know how to set up VR headset with your brands new Galaxy phone.


Virtual reality is in demand. You are one of the luckiest ones to have got your hands-on on the Gear VR headset much before it could be seen with every other smartphone user. Make sure you get the best out of your headset and experience it to the fullest. And it begins with setting it up with your Galaxy S7/S7 Edge the right way.

Setting up Gear VR with Galaxy S7/S7 Edge: The Process

  1. As you unpack your Gear VR headset, remove the front cover and attach the two straps given
  2. Before you begin the setting up process, you need to unlock your phone
  3. Now plug your device in the micro USB connection
  4. Slip in the phone
  5. An automated voice will now ask you to install the Oculus app
  6. Take Gear VR headset out
  7. Disconnect your phone
  8. Follow the instructions and download the Oculus app
  9. After the downloading the done, Oculus Store will open

You can now browse as well as download content for Gear R headset from the Store. Free apps and games are recommended when you start using this gadget. Once you get used to it and know what you want to do with your headset, you can always go for paid options. Load your gadget with required apps and reconnect it to Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge, whichever is your device. Your phone will now guide you about how to use your Gear VR headset with a simple tutorial. You can step into the virtual world now.

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