Gay Dads Win Surrogacy Battle In Thailand

Gay Dads Win Surrogacy Battle In Thailand
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After more than a year of legal battle, a local court in Thailand ruled in favor of an American man over a surrogacy battle, granting Gordon Lake a sole custody of a 15-year-old girl he fathered via surrogacy.


This developed, after Thailand’s Central Juvenile and Family Court recognized Lake’s legal rights to have his daughter, Carmen. But it was not an easy feat for Lake as he had to endure months of being tormented by the thought that his daughter won’t grow up with him.

Patidta Kusolsang, Carmen’s surrogate mother, did not oppose Lake’s petition for sole custody. Patidta was paid to be Carmen’s surrogate mother. Carmen was conceived with Lake’s sperm cell and egg cells from another woman, the National Multimedia reported.

Lake, who is legally married to a Spanish man, has stayed in Thailand throughout this legal battle as they refused to go home without Carmen. To show his love for Carmen and to fight for their legal battle to have sole custody of his son, Lake has launched an online campaign called Bring Carmen Home.

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In recognition of Lake’s right to have Carmen under his care, the court said the petitioner’s sexuality is not an issue in the case. Although surrogacy services has already been banned in Thailand, Lake had the surrogacy service before the ban was implemented.

“Lake has taken care of the girl since her birth, with love. He is gay. But his homosexuality is not an obstacle in raising the girl up amid happiness and warmth,” the court said as quoted by the National Multimedia.

In the Facebook page created by Lake for their petition to have Carmen home, Lake expressed his gratitude to those who showed support for their cause. It wasn’t clear when Lake and his Husband, Manuel Santos, be leaving for Spain, where they will be staying for good, the Asia One reported.

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