Gawker Acquired By Univision: Twitter Users Rejoice

Gawker Acquired By Univision: Twitter Users Rejoice
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The news of, one of the oldest and most up beat media and culture blogs, closing down has spread like fire, and the majority of the Twitter users seems to be celebrating the downfall. The undertone suggests most users believe the blogging network should have been brought down much earlier, but then better late than never.


“Gawker should have been buried years ago. Only because they crossed powerful people were they held to the standards of the law,” tweeted one user.

While another wrote, “Gawker’s demise is good because it championed the new breed of unethical digital tabloid trash. Politics are irrelevant to that.”

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However, many expressed concerns over the fact that a media outlet with such a strong voice could be silenced by the power of money. Alongside the celebration prevailed a sense of apprehension over the efforts by the rich to rein in free speech.

“@Gawker trashed me more times than I can count but to be killed off by a thin skinned tech tyrant is appalling,” wrote a Twitter user.

“1) The loss of @Gawker is huge & terrible. 2) Most people disagreeing don’t read it. 3) Still can’t believe *journalists* cheered Thiel,” wrote another user.

“I’m so sad and angry right now. Every news org should mourn gawker’s loss and worry about being next,” tweeted another.

Gawker, according to many, didn’t represent true journalism, as according to them, victimising people doesn’t tantamount to the freedom of press.

“An outlet that publishes a sex tape isn’t journalism. It is tabloid trash. Journalists don’t want to be lumped in with @gawker,” Tweeted a user.

“The idea that Gawker has a First Amendment right to victimize people is preposterous, and, deep down, even journalists know this,” read a Twitter post.

Gawker’s closure was announced after it was taken over by Univision for $135 million earlier this week at a bankruptcy auction, the Verge reported. The staffers were informed of the latest development on Thursday afternoon in a public post on Gawker’s website by the outgoing CEO Nick Denton.

Gawker media filed for bankruptcy after it was served with a $140 million judgement by a Florida jury in regard to a lawsuit filed against it after publishing a video footage of Hulk Hogan having sex. Hogan was supported by Peter Thiel, the billionaire hedge funder and Facebook board member.

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