Gaspar Noé’s 3D Sex Movie “Love” Causes Stir At Cannes

Gaspar Noé’s 3D Sex Movie “Love” Causes Stir At Cannes
DSC03033 Charles Dyer / Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0

Is there really no love for Gaspar Noé’s “Love”?


The French director’s entry in the Cannes Film Festival attacks audiences with images of graphic sex performed in various ways and quantities. Add the fact that the film is in 3D.

Set in Paris, “Love” is about an aspiring filmmaker named Murphy (Karl Glusman).

Noé told reporters on Thursday, “I was making a film about love. It wasn’t a film about Swiss banks or Scientology.”

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With lesser-known actors such as Glusman, Aomi Muyock and Klara Krisitn stealing the spotlight, the movie bears it all, much to several viewers’ pleasure – and disappointment. The New York Times reported that critics were quick to pan the film. Some even walked out during the screening.

As for scenes with graphic sex, Noé pointed out, “We won’t say what’s real and what’s false. There’s lots of false.”

The director is not new to controversial titles. In 2002, his “Irréversible” was also shown in Cannes. The movies contains a now-infamous rape seen performed by Vincent Cassel and Monica Bellucci.

It has already been announced that “Love” will be released unrated in 25 theaters in the United States. It will also go to video-on-demand.